Table Administration Utilities

These utilities are related to administering tables and data in MySQL. Some interact with the server and others manipulate directly the data files for MySQL.

myisamchk Utility

With this utility, you may check and repair MyISAM tables, as well as to optimize them. It works only on MyISAM tables and not tables using other storage engines.


This utility may be used to scan and extract information from the myisam.log file, which logs debugging messages for the MyISAM table handler.


Use this to create compressed, read-only tables to reduce table sizes and to increase retrieval speed.

myisam_ftdump Utility

This utility can be used to look at information related to FULLTEXT indexes on MyISAM tables.


Use this utility to check and to repair MyISAM tables, as well as to optimize them.


You may use this simple utility from the command-line to obtain a list of databases, tables, or descriptions of tables.


This utility may be used to convert all tables in a given database from one storage engine to another.


This utility is used to convert the file extensions of the names of MyISAM table files from uppercase to lowercase.

mysql_tableinfo Utility

This utility may be used to create a table with metadata in a named database.


This program can be used to search and replace text in a simple text file like a dump file.